How To Potty Train Border Collie Puppies

If there is a dog breed that is full of energy, hard working and intelligent as humans, it has to be Border collies. They never get tired

How To Cure Your Border Collie’s Bad Breath Problem

Phewww! That horrible breath of your dog is a big turn off for not only you, but also for your friends, guests and new people he meets.

How To Keep Border Collies off The Furniture

Sometimes a Border Collie dog that is not trained for obedience start behaving dominantly and act as if he own the place. I’m sure you’re reading this

5 Steps To Keep Your Border Collie off The Dinner Table

Tired of cleaning your Border Collie’s hair all over your dinner table and other furniture? Well it’s a problem we all BC owners have to cope with

Training For Border Collie Aggression Problems

Is your Border Collie aggressive to other dogs or children? Well, even though aggression is not a common trait in this breed, but still you never know

How To Stop Border Collies From Digging Holes In Your Yard

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Border Collie Feeding Amount Guidelines: How Much To Feed?

“How much should I feed my Border Collie” is the first thing comes in mind for all the first-time owners. Too much information, different opinions and conflicting

Border Collie Nutritional Requirements

For first-timers buying the right type of dog food they should feed their border collies is a big challenge. Generally your vet will recommend popular dog food

Border Collie Names: Top Ideas For BC Male and Female

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How To Stop Your Border Collie From Eating Poop?

happy border collie

I know it’s a little gross, and if you’re eating while reading this, make sure you finish eating first and then read it. Puppies are just like