At LovelyBorderCollie.com we aim to provide essential information and helpful guides to build a positive foundation between you and your Border Collie dog to create a healthy relationship. Our training guide covers techniques and lessons for obedience, behavior problems cure, good manners for their social interaction, proper food, nutrition and health care. We believe in responsible pet ownership and through our training guide our mission is to educate owners as much as we can. Our priorities are to provide in-depth information and assistance to BC owners so that they can raise a well-behaved, healthy and happy Border Collie.

Raising a healthy and happy Border Collie helps him/her immensely to improve his ability to learn training tricks and exercises. Having said that, using proper training methods and commands helps you to build a life-long bond with your dog. The day you successfully manage to train your dog and become a good trainer is the day you get your dog to behave the way you always wanted, which makes you a worthy owner because your dog is not forced but he chooses that to do so. That will be the moment from your relationship and bonding with your dog will blossom.

Training techniques in our guide are geared to be enjoyable and easy for both you and your Border Collie. While using our training guide, you will understand different types of techniques and philosophies taught by top dog behaviorists and trainers.

Upon completing our Border Collie Training guide, you will confidently:

  • Walk your dog on leash
  • Make him a socially well behaved dog
  • Overcome your dog’s nipping, herding instincts and chewing
  • Maintain control of your dog’s over-enthusiasm
  • Control excessive barking
  • Teach basic house rules and obedience commands to perform happily and easily.