5 Steps To Keep Your Border Collie off The Dinner Table


Tired of cleaning your Border Collie’s hair all over your dinner table and other furniture? Well it’s a problem we all BC owners have to cope with everyday. It’s not that a big problem, but when your dog’s hair unknowingly goes into your stomach, it can trigger some serious health consequences and may also cause allergies. Therefore, we suggest keeping your Border Collie away from the dining table and kitchen area, but if he has developed bad behavior and do not get off the dinner table even after you command him to do so, these simple steps will help you to get him off the table.

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Never leave food on your dinner table after breakfast, lunch and dinner, because that tempts your dog to stay close to the table in hope that he’ll get something to eat. Besides, they pickup food’s smell pretty fast and leaving your food on the table is like asking for trouble.

If you catch your dog sitting on the table and eating your food, don’t hit them but say “NO!” in firm voice to make him/her realize that this is not an acceptable behavior. Hitting and shouting will make your dog nervous and he may not even realize what he has done wrong. Always remember, positive reinforcement is the best way forward when correcting your Border Collie’s bad behavior issues.

If you catch him on the dinner table, immediate say “NO” and try to slowly get him off the table, and when he does it, reward him with his favorite treat. That is the key training part because when they get their treat after successfully following your command, they always remember it. Therefore if you manage to get him off the dinner table on your command and then you praise him with reward, he’ll understand that he has done something good and right.

Training your Border Collie to not allow him to enter your kitchen or dinning area at young age helps a lot. If he knows that this particular area of home is not his territory and he is not allowed to enter there, you’ll never even see him sitting close to dinner table, forget about getting on it.

Having patience with your Border Collie when training him to get off the dinner table is very important. Even though they are smart and intelligent, but still takes time to understand new commands. Therefore, don’t get frustrated if your dog doesn’t obey your command for the first few days.