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How To Cure Your Border Collie’s Bad Breath Problem

Phewww! That horrible breath of your dog is a big turn off for not only you, but also for your friends, guests and new people he meets.

Border Collie Feeding Amount Guidelines: How Much To Feed?

“How much should I feed my Border Collie” is the first thing comes in mind for all the first-time owners. Too much information, different opinions and conflicting

Border Collie Nutritional Requirements

For first-timers buying the right type of dog food they should feed their border collies is a big challenge. Generally your vet will recommend popular dog food

Border Collie Shedding: How Do We Stop or Control It?

Just like all first-timers are you also curious to know that do Border Collies shed? The simple answer is, YES they do! Just like any other dog

Border Collie Exercise – Physical and mental exercising needs & Ideas

Every Border Collie dog owner know how energetic and restless this breed is. Despite all your efforts to keep them busy or tire them both mentally and

Best Organic Food For Your Border Collie

Even though home cooked food for border collies is the best way to keep your dog healthy because it takes care of their daily nutrition requirement. However,