Border Collie Nutritional Requirements


For first-timers buying the right type of dog food they should feed their border collies is a big challenge. Generally your vet will recommend popular dog food brands like Iams, Purina and Diamond because they are reputed and have been in the industry for long time. I personally feed our BC “Diamond” and “Taste of The Wild” dog food because it’s nutritious and keeps her healthy and happy.

border collie dog food nutrition

If you personally ask me, I’d say there are no such specific Border Collie dog foods or nutritional diet requirements because any other common diet would work perfectly for a BC. However, high intake of calcium, protein and vitamins is good for Border Collies due to their physical activities. Adequate amount of carbohydrates content in their diet is also important because they need lot of physical exercise in which they burn lots of calories throughout the day.

Talking about Border Collie food nutrition, well if you ever want to start a long discussion with a group of dog owners, just ask them which dog food they feed their dogs and which is the best one in their opinion. I’m sure the debate will never end. They will all have their different opinions based on their personal experiences that may or may not work for your dog.

Any vet or dog trainer that suggest you a particular company or brand of dog food is the best one to go with is either giving his personal opinion or have no idea about it. Or else he must be getting commission for sales of that product from the company. The fact is, there if no “best dog food kind” and it’s all about what suits your dog to keep him happy and healthy.

In simple and plain language, what works for your dog and you is the best type of dog food. It should provide necessary nutrients in adequate amount to keep your Border Collie healthy. Nutritional value in dog food should be optimum to avoid nutrients deficiency. If your Border Collie is physically active, energetic, happy, has a nice coat and does not shed hair in off season, then continue feeding that food. If you notice signs of allergic reactions or side effects such as itching and shedding after feeding him a new dog food product, immediately stop feeding him that and consult with your vet.

For some Border Collies a particular brand works wonderfully well and for some it doesn’t work. You’ll find both expensive and cheap dog foods available in the market, but very few of them deliver what they claim. If you’re not happy with a particular brand, don’t switch to different ones and give it a couple of weeks at least to see if it keeps your collie happy and healthy.

Dog owners loves passing their opinions to other dog owners. If someone tells you that the brand they use is so great and the one you use is not so good, don’t let them influence your decision. They may like it, but that doesn’t mean the same product will work for your dog too. It’s almost like asking which city in the United States is the best one to live. Some may like New York; others may like North Fork County. Each one of us has different opinions and tastes and just like that every dog’s metabolism is different. Best way to overcome is to find something you’re comfortable with and should keep your dog happy and healthy and stick with it.

Grocery store dog foods are generally cheap and easily available, but some dogs may do well on them and some may not. Quality dog foods brands like Diamond, Blue Buffalo, Pedigree, etc. are better but can be a bit expensive. There are specialty dog foods also available for specific breeds that need special diets. Which one you’ll buy ultimately depends on your preference, budget and your dog.

Having said about ready-made dog foods, home cooked dog food can also be a good alternative and it is less expensive as well. Things that are most important in a Border Collie’s diet and nutrition are vitamins, protein levels, fillers, fat levels, different types of ingredients used (lamb, chicken, beef or pork), oils, calcium, and other added vitamins that are required to raise a healthy Border Collie. All these essential nutrients are important for your dog’s health and I personally emphasize on protein content, fat content, and vitamins when I buy dog food.